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Bill & Linda Lane

Bill & Linda Lane

Bill and Linda Lane have been conducting workshops together for about 19 years. What started as a hobby has grown into a flourishing photography workshop endeavors due to what has been described as their enthusiasm for nature and fellow photographers, love of sharing, dedication to the art, easy going personalities and genuine concern for their participants as well as their determination to help people understand their piece of equipment in other than the point and shoot /automatic mode. They want to take everyone a few steps closer to being the kind of photographer they themselves strive to be while at the same time enjoying the process. Their workshops are relaxed, busy and fun even if one doesn’t get a whole lot of sleep!

After graduating from college Bill tried the three piece suit career for a very short while and eventually threw in the towel to become a farrier. Shortly thereafter he began taking bird pictures for identification purposes but doing so in all the wrong ways and with all the wrong equipment. His photographic journey started with a lot of frustration from attending workshops that really taught nothing; he is mostly self -taught. Because of this, he and Linda have been trying to save others from these same struggles. Through their own trial and error, they strive to make learning easier and fun for their participants. In his spare time Bill enjoys growing vegetables, fishing, and a little hunting. Together they put away/can and freeze most of their own foods. Going as natural and organic as possible is a real goal for the both of them.

Linda also started shooting back in college but not seriously. She taught school for 10 years, ran her own business for 14 years, studied pottery and is pleased to say is once again pursuing clay. For the last 14 years she has been head over heels involved with the rescue of canines at BARK as the Shelter Coordinator. Together they have 7 dogs and a cat. She met Bill in a most romantic way; in the swamp while wearing waders toting along a tripod and gear. He was the instructor and she the student. One of the photos on their web site is of them on their honeymoon at the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in N.C. They found many shared interest - a huge love for photography above all plus nature and the great out of doors to name a few.

Originally they offered workshops in conjunction with the Department of Virginia Parks and Recreation helping not only to promote themselves but the parks as well. It was a good win win situation. Eventually they expanded offering up to 12 workshops in West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Rhode Island. Today they offer around 8. Together they also teach at the University of Richmond and conduct personalized workshop for camera clubs and other teaching institutions.

Bill and Linda Lane are both published and sell their work. Bill has been featured in numerous publications, fund-raisers and competitions, and has been featured speaker for various groups. His photography took a giant leap after he won the Sierra Club's National Photography Contest. They truly enjoy working with their participants on a one to one basis and in the field as much as shooting themselves. But above all else, their primary focus is teaching. They incorporate fun, food and camaraderie. They even offer some home cooked meals from their cabin in West Virginia. Take a look at the testimonials on their web site.

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Equipment List:
Gitzo GT3540 or GT3541XLS
Gitzo  GT5540LS
Kirk BH1/L-Bracket
Nikon D700, D300, D 800
Nikon 200 macro, 12-24AF,  80-400 AFS  VR,  500 F4 AFS VR
Wimberly Gimbrel Head and Side Kick
Filters:  Nikon Polarizer, Hoya Variable Neutral Density Filter, Lee 2 Stop and 3 Stop split neutral density filters, Nikon Close Up Filters
Diffuser 30” and a few bigger by Manfrotto
McClamp:  Ferrell McCullough