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Claudia Müller

Claudia Müller

Born 1969, Claudia grew up in the north eastern part of Germany. When she was young, she dreamed to be a painter, but then she bought her first camera. From that day forward, her interest in photography has continued for a lifetime. Her works are concentrated on covering landscapes, trees, wild flowers and the little things on the way. She is working with nature, is finding new perspectives and new compositions. Claudia Müller is a member of the Germany Nature Photographer Association GDT, participates in international photo competitions, has had her work published in nature magazines and is showing her images as fine art prints in numerous exhibitions.

Type of photography: Nature Photography
Favorite Camera and Lens: D300, 70 mm macro from SIGMA, 70-300 mm from NIKON
Favorite Tripod set: GITZO GT 3530LS, Manfrotto Proball 468RC2
Activity: WWE- Project, Leader of the GDT- Group 9 (Society of German Nature Photographer), participate in international photo competitions and publish articles in nature magazines, showing her images as fine art prints in numerous exhibitions, participation on art projects.
City: Neubrandenburg, Mecklenburg- Western Pommerania
Country: Germany
Awards: Highly Commended in “European Wildlife Photographer of the Year” and some other competitions.
Quote: "Don’t set to your imagination and creativity, only respect boundaries that are set by your counterpart."
Publications: In local newspaper and photo magazines, pictures in some publications.
Product Testimonial: GITZO GT 3530LS- perfect partner for nature photography, robust and not too heavy for long distance hikes in the field.

D 300 and D 700 NIKON
70mm macro
24-70mm, 18-200mm
extension tube
one gimmick- a old camera lens without some optical lenses for crazy pictures
gradual grey and polarizer filters
cable release
small pocket camera for funny pictures Lighting Equipment: a reflector