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Danny Ellinger

Danny Ellinger

Danny Ellinger, born in 1963 in the Netherlands, Since his childhood he had a big passion for birds. His first camera he bought when he was 13. He studied law on the Vrije Unversiteit in Amsterdam. After his study he started the agency Foto Natura. He was still taking pictures, especially birds but on a low level. Foto Natura is a stock agency specialised in wildlife.

In 1993 he also started with a team of photographers: Team Foto Natura Sending out a group of photographers together, each with their own specialism. It had two purposes: Photographers , each in his/her own specialism and become better and also you could make a much better coverage in relatively short time. It was not easy to do because photographers are used to work on their own. The big success came in 2006 with the Aldabbra expedition. Books in 5 languages, exhibitions and a lot of publicity. The team is now working on new projects.

Personally he is very involved with the birds in the meadow fields. The demand for (cheap) food is so high that where once the meadow fields big nurseries for a lot of animals nowadays it is a real disaster. A lot of animals walked into an ecologic booby trap. No place to go than were you used to live eaten by the big engines of farmers because you can breed your chicks as fast as the grass is growing because of the intensive fertilization. He made stories about these issue and produces several documentaries about this issue.
Another activity is making tutorials for Nikon. Little movies about “how to…”. He does workshops and lectures on photography and the workflow.

He is a busy man with more ideas than he can handle. He has seen the photographic industry dramatically changing. It is a though time for photographers. The sales of single pictures through an agency because more and more difficult. There are many photographers and the demand is decreasing. But this means also new challenges.
The total integration of moving and still imagery is nearby. The demand of knowledge is huge. So her he sees the opportunities.
His view on life is: Always go your own way. Look and get inspired but do your own thing!

Type of photography: Nature Wildlife, Specialism: Birds
Favorite Camera and Lens: Nikon D3X with VR 600 mm
Favorite Tripod set: 3541 L with the new ball head for telephoto
Activity: Director of Foto Natura, Book and calendar producer. Documantaries.
City: Wormerveer
Country: The Netherlands
Quote: It amazes me how many photographers there are nowadays with good skills and making perfect pictures. I am also surprised by the lack of creativity and ideas and that a lot of photographers copy so much instead of finding there own way.
Publications: Many publication on Birds in the meadowfileds, Aldabra and Seychelles, Birds, BBC magazine, Vogels, Grasduinen, Naturfoto, many books, calenders posters etc.
Product Testimonial: Gitzo and Nikon is for me the perfect combination. The development of products in the last year is really great. Of course we always wish more but if I see what manufactors like Gitzo are doing is great and especially the combination of things. Nikon developed wireless picture comtraol and Gitzo is developing a 3D wireless remote head. This brings new oportunities. But also the lock system of the tripod. It looks simple but ion praktice it was the best improvement of the last years. As a photographer your succes is decided by your own skills and talent but when it comes to that one moment you have to rely on your equoipment. And I am happy I can.

Nikon D3X
Nikon D3s
10,5 mm
12-24 mm
24-70 mm
70-200 mm
2.0 200 mm
2.8 300 mm
2.8 400 mm
4.0 500 mm
4.0 600 mm
105 micro nikkor
Teleconverters 1.4 and 1.7

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