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Ed Heaton

Ed Heaton

Ed Heaton is a published and award-winning professional photographer/educator residing in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Along with being a Tamron featured professional, he has been hailed by Outdoor Photographer Magazine as a “Landscape Master”. For more than a decade, he has been teaching workshops, seminars and classes, which truly reflect his passion for education, bolstering his impact on photography. With his extensive knowledge of composition, light and technique, he is able to create extraordinary depth in his images exhibiting the mastery level of his artisanship.

He teaches a series of Creative Composition workshops & tours that include the overlooked and sometimes forgotten aspects of image design and the all-important role that light plays in creating dramatic and spectacular images!  Along with his personal workshops, he has have lectured across the country at many of the largest photographic conventions. He is a Tamron Professional Instructor teaching classroom and field workshops throughout the United States. He has 13 professional sponsors that support his workshops. More information can be found here:

As a professional photographer, you need confidence in your gear and let him tell you that he is extremely confident that his gear will help him get the job done correctly. 

He shoots with a Nikon body (D800 & D3) and uses an assortment of Tamron lenses. As for tripods, his Gitzo is his best friend and no matter where he's working you’ll never see him without it.  He likes to tell people it’s a tripod for life.

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Equipment List

Nikon D800
Nikon D3

Tamron lenses

Gitzo tripods