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Florian Moellers

Florian Moellers

Florian Möllers, 38, MSc Biology.
main focus on: long-term reportages about man and wildlife/nature relations, endangered species and animal underdogs; in his mind always on the prowl; curious about and amazed at nature; passionate observer;
on tour in: Africa (Ivory Coast 2x, Uganda), China (3x), Siberia (2x), Alaska, Australia & Tasmania (2x) and almost all over Western and Northern Europe
constantly inspired by pictures in black & white or color, with hair and skin, scales and fur;
behind the camera open to a wide range of ideas from stomach-driven and creative to a more documentary or journalistic approach
loves the silent tension when fly-fishing as well as the tickling one when free-climbing, loves wine, red & white, from good old Europe Concisely:
1971 eye-opener in Rheine, until 1978 in Schuettorf / Grafschaft Bentheim
primary school and 5th / 6th grade in Lingen / Emsland
1984-1990 Gymnasium in Bad Essen / municipality of Osnabrueck, matura
1991-1998 studies Biology at the TH-Darmstadt (pre-diploma) and at the University of Osnabrueck, mains: ethology, ecology, zoology thesis in Siberia and Alaska, marks: excellent photography, travels
1999-2003 Managing Director of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen e.V. (German Association of Wildlife Photographers) & partly freelance photo-journalist and writer
since 2003 freelance photo-journalist, writer, workshop teacher, editor
since 2007 Communications Director of Wild Wonders of Europe
Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) since 2006

Type of photography:
Mostly reportage wildlife & nature photography, interaction between man & nature, animal behaviour.
Favorite Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D, 4/500 IS L USM & 4/17-40 L USM
Favorite Tripod set: Gitzo 5541 LS and Ball Head / Fluid Head
Activity: Full time nature photographer, editor, journalist, workshop leader, MSc Biology Passionate about my family, fly-fishing and wine
City: Bohmte-Leckermuehle
Country: Germany
Awards: 3 times Specially or Highly Recommended at WPOY, winner/runner-up/highly commended at GDT European Nature Photographer of the Year
Quote: Always show utmost respect to your subjects and the people you work with.
Publications: National Geographic, GEO, FAZ, New York Times, others
Product Testimonial: As soon as I could afford them, GITZO tripods followed me around the globe, happily carrying my equipment. No need to go into much detail about their outstanding quality. But I would like to make a point about the GITZO Fleece jacket – finally the piece of clothing I had always looked for! Big pockets for a lot of stuff, easy fast opening zippers, clever padding, good fabric, windproof, wonderful! Especially for my journalistic nature photography, e.g. in Berlin, where I don’t bother about a tripod and want to access different lenses, filters and flash units quickly. That’s my jacket!

Canon EOS 5D
4/500 IS L USM
4/17-40 L USM
SIGMA 3,5/180 Macro
4,5-5,6/28-135 IS USM
4,5-5,6/100-400 IS L USM
4x 550 EX flash, Extenders
polarizer and NG filters
remote controls
too many batteries