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Harry De Zitter

Harry De Zitter

A native Belgian educated in South Africa, Harry De Zitter started his first studio in Cape Town in 1971 and now resides and works from Naples, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. The classic image with a depth and elegance is the De Zitter Signature.

Type of photography: Advertising + Editorial + Fine Art
Favorite Camera and Lens: Canon 1ds MKIII + Mamiya AFDIII
Favorite Tripod set: Gitzo
City: Naples
Country: Florida USA
Awards: City of Port Elizabeth Municipal Silver Medal / “Student of the Year” 1970
CLIO Award “Best Photography” for Mercedes Benz / New York / 1983
CLIO Award “Best Photography” for Fruhauf / New York / 1984
AFAEP Portfolio Gold Award / 1984 / London
AFAEP Landscape Gold Award / 1984 / London
Adweek “American Advertising Photographer of the Year 1986” / New York
Kelly Award for “Best USA Advertising Campaign” / 1986
Kelly Award for “Best USA Advertising Campaign” / 1990
CLIO Award “Best Photography” for George Dickel Whisky / New York / 1990
PHOTOGRAPHIS “Best of Show” Statue Award / New York / 1995
Mondi “Best of Show” Gold Award / South Africa / 1998
Mondi “Best of Show” Gold Award / South Africa / 2000
“200 Best Advertising Photographers in the World” Lurzers Archive / Germany 2004-5
“200 Best Advertising Photographers in the World” Lurzers Archive / Germany 2006-7

Quote: Do not talk a great shot, shoot it
Product Testimonial: Gitzo is the finest camera support money can buy World-Wide, no ifs or but.

SHELL House (1st “One Man” Show) Cape Town / 1972
Council for the Protection of Rural England Images London (Opened by HM Queen Elizabeth II) 1989
Modern British Advertising (Benson & Hedges) National Gallery London / 1989
“Travels with Harry” World Trade Center Boston / 1990
Gruppo Lino Manfrotto FOTOKINO Cologne Germany / 1994
“Out West” Permanent Collection Philip Morris Headquarters Munich Germany / 1995
“Yankee Mystique” Cape Cod Museum of Fine Arts / 1995
“East Coast / West Coast” Cape Cod Museum of Fine Arts / 1996
“Vanishing Texas” Permanent Collection Houston Museum of Fine Arts Houston Texas / 1997
“Namibiana” Collection presented to Namibian President Dr Sam Nujoma Windhoek Namibia / 1997
“7 Days in Wyoming” Teton County Library Jackson Hole Wyoming / 1997-2006
“7 Days in Wyoming” Permanent Collection Polaroid Corporation Cambridge MA / 1997
“There & Back” Hout Bay Gallery Hout Bay Cape Town / 1999
Aids Benefit Auction New York / 2000
“Self-Inflicted Photographs” ClockWork Apple Gallery New York / 2004
“Silver Footprint” Independent Photographers Gallery London / 2009

24mm TS-E MKII L
65mm MP-E Macro
85mm MKIII L
100mm Macro L
180mm Macro L
300mm f2.8 L IS
16-35mm MKII L
24-70mm MKII L
70-200mm MKII IS L
300mm Catadioptric
500mm Catadioptric

28mm AF
35mm AF
45mm AF
50mm Shift
55mm AF
120mm Macro
150mm AF
200mm APO ED MF
300 APO AF
500mm APO MF
500mm Catadioptric
75-150mm AF
105-210mm AF