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Jari Peltomaeki

Jari Peltomaeki

Born 11th February 1965 in Finland. Director of Finnature Ltd - incoming tour agency specialized in wildlife watching and photography holidays. Professional Wildlife photographer since 1998. Chairman of Professional Wildlife photographers of Finland association (NF) since 2007. Member of the Wild Wonders of Europe team of photographers

Type of photography: I'm specialize in birds, but I photograph other wildlife also.
Favorite Camera and Lens: Nikon D3 + Nikkor 500 mm lens (f4)
Favorite Tripod set: Gitzo (GT3531LSV) + Gitzo head (G1380)
Activity: Professional wildlife photographer
City: Liminka
Country: Finland




Product Testimonial: I have been using Gitzo tripods for many years without any problems. I love my new Gitzo (GT3531LSV) tripod. Especially new G-lock system of tripod legs is so much better than in my previous Gitzo (G1348 - discontinued) carbon fiber tripod.

My new Gitzo head (G1380) is actually much better than very expensive Wimberley head (which I also have). I much more prefer Gitzo head, since with that I can get much smoother movement with my 500 mm lens! Just perfect tension for flight shots etc.

I can strongly recommend Gitzo tripods and heads for all photographers who take their photography seriously!

Nikon D3
Nikkor 500 mm (f4)
Nikkor 300 mm (f2.8)
Nikkor 70- 200 mm (f2.8)
Nikkor 24-70 mm (f2.8)
Nikon extenders 1.4 x and 1.7 x