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Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio is an internationally known photographer who’s been making award winning photographs for four decades.  His dynamic photographs have appeared in Time/Life, Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, HBO and the list goes on. One of his Sports Illustrated covers was selected by Time Magazine as Pictures of the Year.  DiMaggio made the obvious transition to advertising work for fortune 500 companies and was extremely sucessful doing photo illustrations for companies such as AT&T, AOL, Barclays, Xerox, Computer Associates, HBO, RJR Nabisco, Sony, Verizon and Ford Motor Company. DiMaggio has contributed as an international pool photographer, to several Olympic Games. During his illustrious career he’s done radio talk shows, television shows, magazine articles, and lectured at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities throughout the world.  DiMaggio has also been part of the American Photo Popular Photography Mentor Series. He’s hosted severak ABC’s World of Photography television shows and numerous Canon Photo Safaris.  DiMaggio also completed a Travel/Adventure pilot for Discovery Channel with his dear friend Actor William Shatner. His 90 minute documentary for Discovery Channel was the real story of “Quint” &  the True Story behind Jaws, which wound up being titled The Last Shark Hunter. His passion for boxing -  a love/ hate relationship has led him to direct a feature documentary titled In This Corner which has had three separate distinct endings and is still a “work” progress.  He’a recently completed two short documentaries “Born with It” which is the story of Eddie Kirkland a true Blue’s Man. Similtaneously, he’s completed another short documentary on Hugh Wydel Brodie called “Don’t Quit.”  Both documentaries are presently at Film Festivals for 2013 and 2014.

Most recently, Sports Illustrated selected one of DiMaggio’s photos as the third greatest photo in the last 100 years of the Indy 500. He’s looking forward to becoming more productive and sees a bright future for digital video.

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Equipment List

Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Lenses of choice 100 macro, 135mm,  200 f/1.8  16-35mm
Gitzo GM2561T Traveler Series 2 6x Carbon Fiber Maximum Height of 56.3"
Gitzo GM3350XL Series 3 Aluminum Monopod with 5 Sections and G-Lock, Maximum Height of 73.23"
Lastolite Reflectors
Kata camera bags (I have several)
Gitzo tripod vertical ball head