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Kazuyuki Okajima

Kazuyuki Okajima

Born on January 1st, 1967 in Fukuoka City, Japan. Graduated from the Tokyo School of Photography (currently Tokyo Visual Arts). After working as a studio assistant, then as assistant to photographers, he currently works as a freelance photographer. While taking photographs for editorials and commercials, he travels around the world and presents the photographs in various media. Recently, he travels to Ireland, Scotland, and Myanmar frequently to create his works. Recent photo exhibitions include “Ring of Dingle” (Kyocera Contax Salon Tokyo / 2007), “The Light and Wind of Dingle” (Fujifilm Photo Salon / 2008), “Tidal Tints – Shiosai” (Pentax Forum / 2009), and “Let’s go to school – Lake Inle, Myanmar” (Canon Gallery / 2009), and photo book “Dingle” (SoftBank Creative / 2008).

Type of photography: Travel (people, scenery, snapshots)
Favorite Camera and Lens: PENTAX K-7 and DA*55mm F1.4 SDM lens
Favorite Tripod set: Gitzo Ocean Traveler GK1581OT
Activity: Photography for magazines, advertisements, and catalogues
City: Chiba
Country: Japan
Awards: 2009 IPA Competition – Honorable Mention
Px3 Photography Competition – Honorable Mention
Quote: Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.
Publications: “DINGLE” – SoftBank Creative
Product Testimonial: Since my photographer’s school days and assistant days, I have longed for Gitzo for its image as the tripod for pros and the greatest tripod among all. Right after my debut as a professional photographer, I bought my first Gitzo tripod and became fascinated by its functionality and usability. However high performance the cameras and lenses become, tripods are essential for my work and creation. Gitzo tripods constantly keep evolving with new ideas, such as adopting the most advanced technologies and materials flexibly. They have become more and more comfortable and reliable, and continue to be on my side in this digital age, when resolution has become so high that even a minor out-of-focus or shake are visible.

PENTAX DA*200mm F2.8 ED [IF] SDM
FUJIFILM GF670 Professional
Rolleiflex 2.8F
Gitzo G1320MK2+ Manfrotto 410
Gitzo G1227MK2 + G2270M
Gitzo Ocean Traveler GK1581OT

Lighting Equipment:
In recent years I do not use lighting equipment but use natural lights instead.