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Melissa Mercier

Melissa Mercier

Melissa Mercier is a fine-art photographer based in Vancouver, B.C. After moving from her native Quebec to Toronto, Melissa studied photography at Vancouver's Langara College and worked under renowned commercial photographer Anthony Redpath.

Often contrasting organic and inanimate subjects, she challenges the viewer to find beauty in the seemingly ordinary and to look deeper into their surrounding world.

Her work has become a favourite of award-winning hotels including the Wynn, Four Points, Sheraton, and the Four Seasons. Her images are also being used by industry leaders such as Phase One Cameras and Capture One Software in their current advertising campaigns.

Clients include:
Wynn Casino, Las Vegas, USA
Sheraton Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Sheraton Warwick, Rhode Island, USA
Four Points Sheraton Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
Four Points Sheraton Pleasanton, California, USA
Four Points Sheraton San Rafael, California, USA
Four Points Sheraton, Bangor, Maine, USA
Four Points Sheraton Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Four Points Sheraton Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Four Seasons Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Blackrock Resort, Ucluelet, Canada
Choctaw Casino, Durant, Oklahoma, USA

Armoury Recording Studios, Vancouver, Canada
Pelletier Lavoie Lawyers, Quebec, Canada
Penthouse in Turks and Caicos

Type of photography: Fine Art
Favorite Camera and Lens: Hasselblad, 80mm, 120mm.
City: Vancouver
Country: Canada
Awards: Concord Pacific 2008, Honorable Mention
Quote: -No amount of thought can ever reveal what comes unexpectedly. Arthur Erickson – Architect – If you are not ahead, you are behind me
Publications: Applied Art Magazine March 2010
-Black + White Magazine 2009
-Photo Icon Magazine 2008
-Emerge Anthology
Product Testimonial: I love Gitzo tripods. They're so efficient, and easy to use. I've never used a higher quality tripod. I love the fact that they weigh so little, which makes it so easy to take it wherever I need to in order to get the shot I want. I've been focusing a lot on night images lately which requires an extremely steady camera, my Gitzo has been perfect for this.