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Tom Schandy

Tom Schandy

Tom Schandy from Norway has been interested in birds since he was a small boy. 12 years old he had his own bird-column in the local newspaper, and soon he started to illustrate his bird articles with own pictures. He studied biology at the University of Oslo and made his master on the lekking behaviour of the Great Snipe, and he financed his studies by selling pictures of birds and other creatures.
After finishing his studies he got a part-time job in WWF Norway, first as a conservation officer, later as an information officer. Rest of the time he worked as a freelance wildlife photographer and author. I 2000 he became full time author and professional wildlife photographer – and has never looked back. Now he searches the globe for nature – in order to write articles and make books. So far he has been involved in more than 20 books, mainly on natural history. Many books are local nature books, but he also made a book about Africa which has been published in both Norwegian, Swedish, English and Spanish (The magnificent Africa).

The last few years he has been concentrating on Latin-Americas wildernesses, and just now he is moving his attention to the northern wildernesses of the world, like Alaska, Canada. Spitsbergen and Russia. The aspect of nature conservation forms a vital part of Tom Schandys photography. If his photos, books and articles on nature and wildlife can be used to promote the enjoyment of nature and inspire nature conservation and biological diversity, then much of the purpose has been achieved!

Type of photography: Wildlife/nature
Favorite Camera and Lens: Canon D MKIII and 300/2.8 and 500/4 for wildlife
Favorite Tripod set: Schactler and Wimberley head, but is planning to switch to the new carbon Gitzo tripods which is easier to carry for hiking and travels.
Activity: Wildlife, nature, photography, book-publishing, travels
City: Vestfossen
Country: Norway
Awards: 2 times awards in Wildlife Photographer of the year (BBC) (runner up, specially commended), winner and runner up in “International Wildbird Photographer Awards” (British), highlights in Glanzlichter (German wildlife photography competition) two times, winner IFWP (International Federation of Wildlife Photography)
Swedish Panda Book Award for “Africa”
Regional award (Buskerud county) for publishing books about local nature
Quote: I like to explore as much as possible... Be efficient and patient...There is so much out there waiting to be explored.
Publications: Many books:
Magnificent Africa (Swedish, Norwegian, English and Spanish editions)
100 Natural Wonders of Norway
Product Testimonial: I just got my Gitzo and I had my first try last weekend - on migrating waders along the west coast of Norway - an yes - it performed perfectly - also with my prime lens for wildlife photography - 500/4.0. And the trioped is smaller than my previous, which mean that it fits well inside my backpack when hiking or traveling.

Canon D50
Canon 1D mark III
Canon 5D mark II
Canon 16-35/2.8
500/4.0 + converters