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center ball heads

Gitzo’s Center Ball Heads are designed for balance: balance between guaranteeing high maximum loads and providing key features that are often less easily measured, but even more crucial to the way a professional head feels and reacts in consistent everyday use… features such as smoothness, minimized drift angle, reduced weight, lowered centre of gravity, increased range of tilt angle, compactness, ergonomics and safety. To achieve this balance, Gitzo are constantly developing unique technical solutions: the hollow Bubble Ball, the Spring Assisted Double Lock (SADL) and the new quick release system, to name but a few. The Bubble Ball allows for an impressive weight reduction and gives Gitzo heads the best ratio of weight to max load in their field. The revolutionary SADL system, combined with the PTFE treatment of the Bubble Ball, guarantees both exceptional locking power and ultra-smooth high precision movements. Drift angle, a problem that affects many high quality heads, is minimized by Gitzo’s design, giving our heads an outstanding value of 0.03°.

center ball heads specs

Independent Pan Lock Lateral Tilt Panoramic Rotation Plate Type Quick Release
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Series 2 Magnesium Center Ball Head with Bubble Sphere

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Yes Yes +100° / -18° tiltrange 360 ° deg fixed - with 1/4-20'' screw No

Centre Ball Head Series 3 Quick Release D

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Yes Yes +100° / -16° tiltrange 360 ° deg GS5370D Yes
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