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Gitzo is Official sponsor of Wild Wonders of Europe


The 68 top nature photographers in the “Wild Wonders of Europe” initiative have completing the 14 months of intensive field work, including 118 photo assignments to all 48 European countries.

This is a world first: the most comprehensive, up-to-date picture collection ever gathered of Europe’s natural jewels, containing an astounding 150,000 images. The very essence of the Wild Wonders of Europe and the foundation for the whole project.

Wild Wonders of Europe is a project aimed at sharing the amazing natural wonders of the continent with the world, enjoy it more, and take care of it more wisely for the future. The project began in May 2008 with Finnish bird action photography specialist Markus Varesvuo documenting the Birdlife of the Hungarian Puszta.

From this reservoir of images will emerge in spring 2010 the flagship Great Wild Show Outdoor Exhibition. Serving as inspiration for millions as it tours throughout Europe over the next 3 years, it will showcase the very best of Europe’s wildlife and wild places, through the emotional impact of beautiful photography. The story that will be revealed is a positive one focusing on the comeback species, the re-wilding of landscapes and the conservation successes out there in Europe’s wilderness over the past three decades. It will also highlight the landscapes and species that are in need of protection.

Next year, the International Year of Biodiversity, is a milestone for conservation and the Wild Wonders of Europe series of Great Wild Show Outdoor Exhibitions have specifically been timed to coincide, launching in April, 2010.

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