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Traveler Collection


Following the amazing success of the original Series 1 Traveler, Gitzo launches the new generation of this fantastic professional collection. Despite being the most imitated tripod on the market, the Gitzo Traveler stays unmatched in terms of performance and stability, and the new version makes this difference even clearer. The improvements are substantial: the tripod’s compactness and light weight have been pushed right to the limit in this project, while at the same time stability and torsion rigidity are amazingly increased, especially in the column locking assembly.
GK1580TQR5 GK1580TQR4 GT1542T


The new series 1 Traveler center ball head is available in two versions, with and without quick release adapter, and it combines lightweight and compactness with a lot of the innovative features of the top of the range heads. First of all the ball is the revolutionary Gitzo patent pending “Bubble Ball” PTFE treated, mounted on PTFE bushings. Apart from the dramatic weight reduction achieved, this beautiful sphere guarantees an exceptionally smooth operation.
GH1781T GH1781TQR

If you need the Traveler leaflet, please download it here.