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Bill & Linda Lane Workshops: Water Falls & Fall Foliage in SW North Carolina

From: 10/14/2012 To: 10/17/2012


Every year we plan on cutting back the number of workshops we give but they are all so great that we just cannot; actually, we added one this year. North Carolina is no exception. Working from one central location in Brevard, we will photograph the many waterfalls of North Carolina embraced in the glory of fall colors. We have scouted the waterfalls and will avoid those requiring long hikes over difficult terrain; some just are not worth the time and trouble of getting to because they are not photographable. We selected only the ones that are the easiest to reach and best to photograph. It will be a packed four days. It is the prime fall season making for colorful scenics, cascading water with swirling fall leaves, reflections, abstract and all sorts of nature shots limited only by your imagination. We will help you see what may not appear so obvious to the untrained eye and help you create other than the ordinary waterfall seen and photographed by everyone.

Our lodging will be in a conveniently located motor inn in Brevard where a lite breakfast is provided. We always recommend that you bring snack to store in your room and/or cooler. There are numerous grocery stores around for stocking up. Cost is $625. Food and Lodging are not included so it is suggested that you make your room reservation asap. The workshop will begin at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday and end at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday.