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Galapagos with Denise Ippolito

From: 07/02/2013 To: 07/16/2013


Join Denise on this 14 day amazing trip to the Galapagos.

In-the-field photo instruction and guidance. The greatest-ever itinerary, by far. You visit every great spot on a single trip. The great spots include: Tower Island (including Prince Phillips Steps and Darwin Bay), Hood Island (including Punta Suarez, the world’s only nesting site of Waved Albatross, and Gardner Bay)—each of the preceding are world class wildlife photography designations that rank right up there with Antarctica, Africa, and Midway), Fernandina, Peurto Ayora for the tortoises, Puerto Egas—James Bay, North Seymour, South Plaza, Black Turtle Cove, Floreana, Urbina Bay, and China Hat. Plus tons more. And lots of snorkeling for those who wish to partake.

And the world’s greatest Galapagos guide. You will be the first boat on each island in the morning and the last boat to leave each island every afternoon. If you are blessed with overcast weather, the group often spends 5-6 hours at the best sites. And as noted above, midday snorkeling on most sunny days depending on location. Note: some of the walks are strenuous. Great images are possible on all landings with a hand held 70-200mm lens. 

For full details and to register, visit Denise's website.