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Southwest Florida IPT

From: 02/16/2013 To: 02/21/2013


Most folks from the north and those visiting from overseas are often stunned by the tameness of the birds that Denise and group encounter on the Southwest Florida IPTs. Great Blue Herons land at their feet in search of nesting material. Both Brown and White Pelicans enticed by fish fly to and fro and pose for head portraits even with short telephoto lenses. And the same goes for Great and Snowy Egret and White Ibis among others. Burrowing Owls, tiny and too-cute, stand at their nest entrances posing. In recent years they have even found a dependable location for Black-bellied Whistling Duck. You will have great chances with a variety of birds capturing and holding fish or other prey items; subjects with prey might include Osprey, Red-shouldered Hawk, several shorebird species, and all the regular heron, egret, and other wading bird species.

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