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Panoramic Disc Series 3 Magnesium Quick Release D

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item #:GS3750DQD
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Panoramic disc accessories are useful for creating an independently controlled panning axis for your equipment. A panoramic disc can be attached on top of a Gitzo Systematic Leveling Base, attached on top of or underneath another head that doesn’t have its own independent panning axis, or fixed directly to the top of Gitzo tripod columns to replace the tripod upper disc. The 3/8” thread and the included 1/4”-3/8” screw adapter allow the panoramic disc to be attached to various tripods, heads, and other supports.

The quick release version GS3750DQD features the Arca-style plate (GS5370D).
Weight 11.02 lbs
Bubble Spirit Level (no.) 2 number
Plate Type GS5370D
Material Magnesium
Safety Payload 12 kg

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