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Mountaineer Kit, Series 2 Carbon 4 sections, Ball Head QD

item #:GK2542-80QD
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GK2542-80QD is a tripod/head kit comprising a GT2542 Mountaineer Tripod and a GH2780QD Centre Ball Head, recommended for DSLRs with 200mm lenses (up to a maximum of 300mm). The GT2542 is a sturdy, perfectly balanced, standard-height 4-section Series 2 tripod featuring Carbon eXact tubes with larger diameters for significant improvements in stiffness. Its top leg section diameter is 29.0mm. The tripod is carefully matched with a GH2780QD centre ball head, which guarantees a high maximum load, and features Gitzo's unique, exclusive technical solutions, such as the hollow Bubble Ball, Spring-Assisted Double Lock (SADL) and the new hybrid quick release system (supplied with an Arca-Swiss style plate, but also accepts Gitzo C Profile plates).
Weight 518.08 lbs
Max Height 70.47 in
Maximum Height (with Center Column Down) 59.45 in
Safety Payload 14 kg
Closed Length 27.17 in


reversible column
Removable feet
carbon eXact
g-lock ultra
ground level set (with unlocking ring)
leg angle selector with spring

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