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Gitzo 100mm half bowl video adapter systematic, series 2-4

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item #:GS3322V100

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The Gitzo GS3322V100 Series 3 Systematic 100mm Half-Bowl Video Head Adapter is a tripod accessory that enables the use of any Series 2-3-4 Systematic Gitzo tripod (except Series 4 aluminum tripods) with a 100mm half ball video head. These heads are designed for videography but they are also popular with photographers who use long telephoto lenses.
The GS3322V100 is compatible withthe safety catch feature of the updated Systematic tripod range, which offers secure, accident-proof support even when switching critical components. This model is made of aluminum and weighs 114 grams.
Weight 251.32 lbs
Color Black color
Series 2,3,4
Material Aluminum

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