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Safari Collection Series 2, Two Way Fluid Head

item #:GH2720FQR

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GH2720FQR head offers the same level of quality and technology of the smaller Series 1 with an even higher level of performance and stability. In this size, Gitzo design guarantees a degree of accuracy, smoothness and stability never experienced before, becoming an indispensable support for the serious bird watcher. This head is also recommended for HD video applications with the latest generation of DSLRV cameras.
Weight 15.43 lbs
Color Green color
Front Tilt +110° / -110° tiltrange
Material Magnesium
Pan Bar Included Yes
Panoramic Rotation 360 ° deg
Plate Type quick release - with 1/4-20″ and 3/8″ screws
Safety Payload 6 kg
Working Height 42.13 in


safe grip
reversible handles
double quick release safety system
fluid cartridge

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