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Series 0 Carbon 6X Low Level Column Kit

item #:GS0510KB

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Medium length columns with ground level kits. These low level column kits are of intermediate length between the standard center columns, supplied with tripods and the very short columns previously supplied as separate accessories. Their lengths are defined to achieve the lowest shooting angle with legs not extended and opened to the middle angle. Column kits are in Carbon 6X tube and also incorporate the components for the Gitzo Ground Level Set: machined aluminum Safe Lock upper disc, new reversible 1/4'' 3/8'' bolts and a new retractable hook assembly. For series 2 and 3 the aluminum disc is the new Power Disc, that features an additional locking screw to securely lock the head onto the disc. These medium columns are the most convenient way to update previous carbon fiber and basalt Gitzo tripods to the Ground Level Set feature. These columns are not compatible with aluminum tripods.
Weight 15.43 lbs
Bubble Spirit Level (no.) Rapid number
Center Column rapid
Material Carbon Fiber 6X


ground level set
safe lock

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