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Microphone Boom Series 3 Aluminum, 6 Section with G-Lock

USD$ 259.99

item #:GB3360

This item is Discontinued.
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Series 3, six-section aluminum boom. Gitzo's new range of aluminum booms have features and materials normally only available for top of the range models. All aluminum booms now feature our latest aluminum tube, 30% lighter than its predecessor, with Anti Rotation System (ALR), 1.2mm wall thickness and brushed matte black finish for improved locking performance and minimized reflectivity. The new tube allows for dramatic weight reduction and, thanks to ALR, aluminum booms are now incredibly quicker, easier and more precise to operate. And the innovative G-Lock system is now available on aluminum models. G-Lock, until now available on 6X models only, allows for even faster and stronger locking and increases rigidity by 20%. The improvement is very important as rigidity is a key performance for microphone booms. All aluminum booms come with a smart Gitzo cleaner and a convenient anti-dust bag for storage and packing.
Weight 253.53 lbs
Max Height 144.09 in
Material Aluminum
Leg Sections 6 number
Safety Payload 2 kg
Min Height 32.68 in


Anti Leg Rotation

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