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Series 3 Aluminum Monopod, XLong 5-Section

item #:GM3350XL

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Series 3, five-section aluminum monopod. The aluminum monopods range has been completely revised and now feature, apart from the tubing, the same features as the top of range 6X carbon fiber monopods, in order to offer lighter, faster and a more stable support. All aluminum models now feature Gitzo's latest aluminum tube, 30% lighter than its predecessor, with Anti Leg Rotation system (ALR), 1.2mm wall thickness and brushed matt black finish for improved locking performance and minimized reflectivity. Thanks to ALR and G-Lock, monopods are are now incredibly fast to operate, providing a stronger locking and an increased rigidity by 20%. The new aluminum monopods come with the exclusive belt clip, that allows you to hang your monopod on belts or pockets.

Another plus of the new aluminum monopods is the high quality Power Disc for a more secure locking of the head thanks to the additional locking screw. Removable rubber feet are now self locking to avoid accidental loss. All new monopods come with a convenient Gitzo dispplay cleaner and a anti-dust bag for storage and packing. Monopods are traditionally used at sports events and in situations where space is tight and framing speed is a key factor. The ideal monopod needs to be lightweight, extremely fast to open and close. Thanks to ALR and G-Lock, Gitzo monopods have all these features. All new monopods feature the new Gitzo belt clip. This clip, incorporated in the wrist strap, is a smart carrying solution that allows you to hang your monopod on belts or pockets.
Level overhead
Series 3
Material aluminum
Leg Sections 5 number
Maximum Height 73.23 in
Minimum Height 20.67 in
Weight 1.98 lbs
Load Capacity 39.68 lbs


Removable feet
safe lock
power disc
Anti Leg Rotation

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