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Audio Boom Pole Series 3 Carbon, 6-Section with G-Lock

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Series 3. six-section carbon fiber boom. Gitzo's carbon fiber microphone booms continue to set the standard in terms of lightweight rigidity, and fast operation thanks to the 6X tubing and the G-Lock system. G-Lock allows for even faster and stronger locking and increases rigidity by 20%. The improvement is very important as rigidity is a key performance for microphone booms. All 6X carbon fiber and aluminum booms come with a smart Gitzo cleaner and a convenient anti-dust bag for storage and packing.
Weight 1.68 lbs
Max Height 155.51 in
Material Carbon Fiber 6X
Attachment 1/4'' screw,3/8'' screw attachmenttype
Leg Sections 6 number
Safety Payload 2 kg
Min Height 34.25 in


Anti Leg Rotation

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