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What are Gray Market Products?

Manfrotto Distribution U.S. manages all Gitzo-brand consumer and professional products in the U.S. through our authorized dealers and distributors. We provide industry-leading support and customer service, as we are the only authorized importer in the U.S. for Gitzo products. Manfrotto Distribution U.S. products are engineered in compliance with government requirements, as well as local safety regulations, and localized to meet consumer needs in the U.S. market. Versions distributed in other markets, such as Europe, may contain separate warranties, manuals and accessories that are either irrelevant or not supported in the U.S. market. We refer to these products, which do fall within our supply chain (imported, counterfeit, etc.), as Gray Market products.

Difficulties with Gray Market Products
As these products were not intended for distribution in the U.S., consumers may encounter issues as these products do not meet their expectations. In certain instances, these products may be localized by unauthorized sellers which could result in:
•    Adapters or power cords that were not quality assured by Gitzo;
•    Counterfeit accessories which may cause injury or seriously damage your Gitzo product;
•    Manuals that are illegible photocopies;
•    Serials numbers which cannot be registered in the U.S. market;
•    Illegal, possibly non-functioning copies, of software; and/or
•    Counterfeit/ 3rd party  warranties, or no warranty at all

Also, please be aware that Gray Market Products may not be eligible for:
•    Customer service from our technical support team;
•    U.S. warranty coverage; and/or
•    U.S. promotions, including instant and mail-in rebates

If you are unsure whether a seller you are considering is distributing products intended for use in the U.S. market, please verify via the Manfrotto Distribution U.S. official list of Authorized Dealers at Genuine Manfrotto products, intended for sale in the U.S. market, can only be purchased either through Manfrotto Distribution U.S. directly or through one of our Authorized Dealers.