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Gitzo long spikes for tripod, stainless steel, set of 3

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item #:G1220.129LB3

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The Gitzo G1220.129LB3 Tripod Spike Set is a set of 3 stainless-steel spikes offered as a tripod accessory. This set of extra-long spike feet provides reliable footing on soft ground to intrepid photographers using all kinds of Gitzo tripods (except Series 1) to capture images of the great outdoors. These 120mm long spike feet are made from the highest-quality stainless steel and weigh 0.021 Kg.
They are supplied with big and small spacers and attach to different-sized tripods via 3/8″ screw attachments.
Weight 46.3 lbs
Attachment 3/8″ screw attachmenttype
Material Stainless steel

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